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Atlanta Aviation Group, LLC. is equipped to provide expert support and service to help you in the process of acquiring your aircraft. We look forward to working with you and fulfilling your aircraft needs.

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Experienced Sales Force:

Atlanta Aviation Group’s sales team is in the market every day, researching its trends and dynamics. Our firm represents years of experience in aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Market Research:

Atlanta Aviation Group research staff constantly tracks market trends and evaluates comparable aircraft to identify the best prospect for your next airplane.


Atlanta Aviation Group integrated advertising campaign offers you an unmatched marketing strategy that is international in scope.

Precise Contracts:

Execution of the aircraft sales agreement is the heart of the Atlanta Aviation Group experience. Our easily understood agreement helps simplify the acquisition process, while our experience helps the customer avoid any contractual pitfalls.

Pre-Buy Inspections:

Utilizing specialized maintenance personnel, we protect your interest by following your aircraft through the complete pre-purchase inspection at the manufacturer’s maintenance facility or a manufacturer’s authorized maintenance facility.


Atlanta Aviation Group’s years of experience with a variety of aviation lenders means increased flexibility and an expedited process for the buyer.

Tax Implications:

No matter the question — sales tax, recapture of depreciation, partnership, corporation, etc. — you can rely on our industry relationships with tax experts to address your needs.

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