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Don’t be discouraged by the process of selling your aircraft. We know the market, have the experience, and will make the process easier for both the buyer and seller.

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Call Rick Steelman at 770-329-2179 or Bill Houston at 678-710-9605 today and turn the problem over to our experienced professionals.
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We Know the Market:

Our sales people sell airplanes — everyday, all day.
Our experience levels are among the highest in the aviation industry.
We sell aircraft all over the world, and we know not only what type of aircraft is in demand in a particular region, but also the preferences in each market.

We Have the Experience:

Our staff has worked together for many years. Each member offers impressive individual skills, but more importantly knows how to make our team stronger. We know the organizations that historically have sought airplanes like yours.
We are Professional Negotiators.

Knowledge is Power:

We possess state-of-the-art information and technology to support our customers. Our technological prowess reduces reaction time and increases the accuracy of our market data. With a wealth of knowledge about the market and competing aircraft, you will have better data faster, allowing you to make more timely and informed decisions. Developed over many years and updated daily, our database contains detailed maintenance records and otherwise unknown damage history. We know your competitors in the marketplace, and we know the prices other aircraft have achieved. This is information to which the public has little or no access.

We Don’t Like to Lose Money:

If we don’t sell your airplane, we lose money because we pay all advertising and marketing expenses, as well as our travel costs to show the airplane. You pay us nothing until we sell your airplane.

We Make it Easier for Both the Seller and the Buyer:

We do all the marketing, calling, answering of questions, arranging of flight demonstrations and negotiating. We guide you through the pre-purchase inspection, making sure your interests are protected. We simplify the contract process by providing proven sales contracts tested over many years. We also provide to you, at no cost, the services of our in-house experienced paralegal, who concentrates exclusively on aircraft contracts and closings. Even experienced law firms have turned to us for our specialized industry experience.

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